Compulsory Closure of all gyms | Friday 20th March 2020

Today, the UK government ordered the compulsory closure of all gyms, leisure centres, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas and theatres at the end of this evening.

Naturally this is the last thing this any of us wanted, but we must comply with this order, and we all have a collective responsibility to help eradicate this debilitating virus which is claiming lives, disrupting the economy and affecting each and every one of us and almost every part of our lives.

Naturally you will have many questions regarding this news, so here is a recap of what we do know:

• The gym will close tonight at 10pm, Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice.

• Pay-as-you-go members will have their memberships “frozen”, on this day, and reinstated when we open. So if, for example, you have 10 days left on your membership today, you will have 10 days membership left when we open.

• Direct debits will be suspended at the earliest possible time. At that point, again we will measure the number of days you have left, and this will remain until the gym opens again and direct debits are reinstated.

Some members will choose to either cancel their direct debit, or ask us to cancel it. This is perfectly acceptable and understandable, and we will respect this.

• Our staff, whom currently we will retain, and intend to do so as long as we can, will be working to publish regular videos on social media, of exercises you can do at home to help maintain your fitness during this time.

• Please stay tuned on social media and emails for further updates.

A personal message from Martin Hellier, our Director.

To all our wonderful members, many of which have become my close friends, all of whom have become valued patrons within Fitness Yeovil - each and every one of you.

These are unprecedented times, and clearly call for unprecedented measures, which we are now required to adhere to.

Now is the time to be strong, level-headed and responsible in all your actions. Remember, if you have children, they are fearful and struggle to understand what is happening, and they look to their parents, their elders for reassurance, and we must provide that. We must be strong, keep things in perspective and to pull together. We will overcome this, but there are many, many months of completely unchartered waters to navigate. Be strong, and remember this is not ‘mediocre Britain’, it is ‘GREAT BRITAIN’.

As far as Fitness Yeovil goes, I can assure you, that with the backing and support of our independent, established and strong group of companies, the gym will open again, whether it is in a month, six months or a year, it is not going anywhere, and it will be waiting for each and every one of you, when we finally reopen, and can finally start to get back to normality.

If anyone wants to contact me personally, you can email info@fitnessyeovil.co.uk , and I will endeavour to answer each and every one of your messages, whether related to your membership or just concerns in general. You’ve given me your trust and dedication at Fitness Yeovil, and we are here to give you ours.

Stay strong, love each other, and watch for more updates on either social media or emails.

Kindest regards

Martin Hellier
Fitness Yeovil Limited

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